An appeal on membership fees

The participants of the VI PSSCE General Reporting-Election Assembly of Members on Nov 24, 2006 approved a resolution on membership fees which reads as follows:

“Taking into account the desirability of continuing further publishing activities by the editorial office concerning the Combustion Engines periodical, and in particular, the continuation of free supply of individual copies of this journal to the Members of the Society, it is hereby resolved that the lowest membership fee for Ordinary Members amount to the level of 120.00zl per year (10.00zl per month). At the same time, the General Assembly of the Members authorizes the Society’s Board to reduce the fee to the level of 60.00zl per year (5zl per month), or even to suspend it completely, in the event of a difficult material situation of members (students, pensioners, etc.) who will apply in this matter by submitting a reasonable request.

Participants of the VI PSSCE General Assembly (Nov 24, 2006)