X Meeting of PTNSS

On December 7, 2018, the General Reporting and Election Meeting of Members of the Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines (PTNSS) was held in Warsaw at the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. The meeting was opened by the President of PTNSS prof. Jerzy Merkisz, who, on behalf of the Society's Management Board, awarded the honorary PTNSS Member title to Janusz Przastek D.Sc., Eng, retired professor at Warsaw University of Technology. In recognition of their merits and contributions towards the development of internal combustion engines awards have also been presented to: prof. Marek Idzior D.Sc., Eng., prof. Ireneusz Pielecha D.Sc., Eng, prof. Marcin Ślęzak D.Sc., Eng., and Miłoslaw Kozak D.Sc., Eng.


Professor Merkisz congratulates Professor Przastek on the honorary membership of PTNSS

The next point on the meeting agenda was to present the following reports for the last four years of Society’s activity:
- Report of the Management Board
- Report of the Society’s Treasurer
- Report on the work of the Audit Committee.


The reports were then discussed, and then the Board was granted a discharge. During the meeting, votes were held regarding the function of the President of the Management Board of the Society and members of the Management Board as well as the Audit Committee for the term of 2018-2022. The new composition of the selected Board can be found here, and the new composition of the Audit Committee can be found here.


After the voting, the discussion on the program theses for the next 4 years began. 8 basic thesis programs were adopted, the content of which can be read here. The final, official action of the meeting came when prof. Janusz Przastek transferred to the Society the original letter signed by Rudolf Diesel – the document concerns patent records, which in turn permitted Diesel to use the name "combustion engine" for his designs.