Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines


XIII Reporting-Election

General Assembly of

Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines
Dec 2022,  Warsaw




FOR THE YEARS 2023-2026


1.    Organizing and actively supporting activities integrating domestic and foreign industrial and scientific and education environment related to internal combustion engines and motorization through:

•    propagating the results of scientific and engineering research and participation of PTNSS members in research and discussion forums,
•    promoting national engineering and scientific achievements in government institutions and mass media,
•    running publishing and advertising activities,
•    organizing congresses, scientific and technical conferences and seminars, industrial exhibitions, creating thematic clusters and scientific schools.

2.    Conducting opinion forming activity in the scientific and research fields, industrial projects and regulations related to the construction and operation of internal combustion engines.

3.    Conducting activities supporting the development of young scientific and engineering staff related to internal combustion engines by:

•    organizing “PhD workshops” and habilitation consultations,
•    organizing scientific and research practices in leading university centers, research institutes and industrial centers,
•    promoting the best qualifying scientific papers in the “Combustion Engines” quarterly journal,
•    rewarding the best doctoral dissertations in the annual prof. Zygmunt Szlachta competition

4.    Further development of prestigious elements of PTNSS activity – quarterly journal “Combustion Engines” and “Congress of Diesel Engines” organized cyclically every two years in various university centers, research institutes and industrial centers, which contributes to the promotion of various centers in environments related to combustion engines and the automotive sector.

5.    Organizing SAE Congress in Poland in 2023-2026, of which PTNSS would be the main organizer and partner.

6.    Undertaking activities related to the placement of the SAE publication on the A list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the high-scoring JCR journals.

7.    Developing cooperation with foreign and national scientific organizations and associations: SAE, FISITA, NOT, SIMP, PTMTiS.

8.    Promoting the activities of young members in the Society operation by:

•    membership in the PTNSS Management Board,
•    participation in the regional structures of the Society,
•    participation in the organization of congresses, conferences, seminars and workshops organized under the patronage of PTNSS.