Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines


We cordially invite you to the 12th General Reporting  and Election Meeting
Members of the Polish Scientific Society of Internal Combustion Engines

The meeting, convened in accordance with §20 sec. 2 and 3 of the PTNSS Statute will take place

on December 9, 2022 as a remote meeting.

Agenda of the 12th General Reporting and Election Meeting

First deadline at 11.00 

(2nd term at 11.15)


Remote meeting

Link to the meeting was send to your email adress (active 9.12.2022 from 10.30)
 please log in with your first and last name 

1. Opening of the Meeting.

2. Appointment of the Chairman of the Meeting, the Secretary of the Meeting, the Committee for Resolutions and Motions and the Ballot Counting Committee.

3. Changes in the Statute of PTNSS.

4. Report of the Management Board, the Treasurer of the Management Board and the Audit Committee.

5. Discussion of the reports.

6. Voting on Resolutions on granting vote of aproval to the Management Board.

7. Reports of the Management Board

8. Election of the President of the Management Board of the Society for the term of office 2023-2026

9. Election of members of the Management Board, Audit Committee and delegates to approve financial statements for the 2023-2026 term

10. Program theses for 2023-2026

11. Free requests.

12. Speech of the Chairman of the Resolutions and Motions Committee.

13. Closing of the Meeting.